Designed and built ground up by seasoned ex-bankers and treasurers, 360tf is a market creating, state-of-art, robust online platform with clear winning propositions for all participating entities. Owing to the sheer scalability of the platform, it is poised to revolutionize Global Trade Financing. The core concept itself is bound to have a significant impact on businesses by giving them instant access to Trade Finance opportunities across the globe and for financial institutions by opening up limitless business opportunities while helping them diversify risk and improve asset quality.


  • Open-up instant access to a wide network of credible counterparties spread across the globe
  • End-to-end digitization of the whole process of engaging with counterparties
  • Significant savings on cost of financing trade flows
  • Fully digitized customer engagement & sourcing for vastly improved turnaround times
  • Seamless and straight-through-processing of transactions
  • Actionable insights through advanced analytics & dashboards
Instant access to a wide pool of banks across the globe
Vastly improved probability of financing trade flows
Significant savings on trade financing cost
Opportunity to build and improve credibility on a global scale
Improved connectivity, information transparency and reduced turn-around times
Easy & hassle-free web-based platform
Advanced dashboards and analytics
Opportunity for multi-fold increase in trade assets through instant access to Trade Flows Globally
Explore & grow in untapped markets and geographies
Additional web-based channel for sourcing new-to-institution clients
Build, Improve and diversify Trade Asset book
Quicker time to revenue through real-time connectivity & information transparency
Easy & hassle-free web-based platform requires no system integration or installation
Deep-tier analytics aiding interbank risk decision-making
Clear winning value proposition for referred clients
Significant time, cost & reach efficiencies for referred customers
Potential cross-linking opportunities
Potential income augmentation
Easy & hassle-free web-based platform
Advanced dashboards and analytics

The 360tf platform is hosted on a secured AWS server with the highest security protocol.

Security features:-

  • Secured using cloud-based security groups and by deploying resources in Private subnet which is not accessible over internet.
  • Application servers are accessible only if the user has secret key. The database can be accessible only via application server and designated system at our undisclosed location.
  • No access to any server is possible via internet. The application server is behind an application load balancer which prevents exposing the application server to the internet.
  • Automatic redirection of http request to https. The disks on production application server which will hold app data is encrypted. Production database storage is encrypted


  • The application front end is accessible via a secured URL (https), backend is accessible only from our secure offices in our undisclosed location through selected machines via redundant VPN between AWS and Clover

Authentication Mechanism:-

  • Role based & dual factor authentication access methods are enforced by the system


  • A strong web application firewall is configured to secure the platform further


Who would benefit from the 360tf platform?

Answer: The platform is designed to benefit all participants viz. Banks, Corporates (Importers & Exporters) and Third-parties in trade finance. Please refer to this page above to explore how the platform can benefit you.

What does 360tf offer?

Answer: With more than a decade of Trade Finance experience behind us, we have set out to build a robust marketplace that would connect every LC issuer and/or receiver across the world thereby bringing our corporate customers, partner banks and Trade intermediaries on a common platform.

I am an exporter based out of Malaysia can I access 360tf?

Answer: Exporter/Importer Customers and Banks across the globe can be on-boarded on 360tf. We extensively cover ASEAN countries, Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Bangladesh, GCC, US, Europe & Africa.

How much time does it take to signup & place transactions on the platform?

Answer: Onboarding at 360tf is a quick and efficient process. Signing up on the platform should not take more than 10 minutes for Exporter/Importer Customers & Banks.

Placing transactions on the platform is an even quicker process. Exporter/Importer customers can expect to initiate and raise transactions within 5 mins for a quote from Banks while Banks can complete quotes in just about a couple of minutes.

Does the platform require any installations or system integrations for access to the system?

Answer: 360tf is a completely web-based platform. There is absolutely no integration effort required with any of your systems & there are no complex firewall restrictions to be requiring reconfiguration by your Organizational IT.

Can I refer Customers to 360tf?

Answer: Yes, of course! We shall be glad to receive referrals of Exporter/Importer Customers to the 360tf platform. We welcome able influencers and business advocates like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Ex-Bankers, Wealth advisors, Professionals in BFSI segment & even Treasurers who have their referees’ best business interests at heart, to join with us as Referral Associates. We are confident of being able to add genuine value to your referees business.

The future of Trade Finance
is here!