360tf International Women’s Day Webinar

Theme: Women in Trade – Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Top fintech company 360tf organized an international webinar on the eve of Women’s Day which was themed “Women in Global Trade Finance – Breaking the Glass Ceiling”.
The webinar was a huge success as it saw the registration of more than 500 entries that to from 20 different countries and the turnover ratio was around 50% which indicates that people are eager to learn more about trade finance.
The event started with a wonderful video created by the women of 360tf with a beautiful message for all the women.

Dr. Rebecca Harding was Moderator for the event.
She is co-founder and CEO at Coriolis Technologies, London, United Kingdom. She is providing data and analytics to the Trade Finance sector. Her background is as an independent economist & a professional speaker with a background in big data management, FinTech, international economics & trade, finance, digitization and sustainable trade, and geopolitical risk.

Speaker for the event were:
Sereen Ahmed: She is Director, Head of Trade and Working Capital Middle East, Chair of Barclays MENA Diversity, and Inclusion, she is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
She has developed and implemented a focused trade finance origination strategy for the ME trade franchise with a focus on the large Global corporates, ME FI, and Government related entities.

André Casterman: He is a Founder and Managing Director at Casterman Advisory, Board Member, and Head of FinTech Activities of ITFA, he is situated in Gistoux, Walloon Region, Belgium.
He is specialized in designing and commercializing advanced payments, trade finance, and capital markets innovations through institutional & commercial partnerships with fintech companies.

Kunjan Kapadia: She is Head of Banking Alliance at 360tf, she is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
She is a CFA charter holder and a perennial “woman in finance” with an enriching and eclectic career that includes Institutional Asset Management, Private Banking, Strategy, Investment Banking, and Trade Finance