360tf Global Painting Competition

360tf conducted a mega-level painting competition with the theme “Year of Hope 2022”.
A unique global painting competition for kids across the globe. An innovative platform that encouraged kids to express their creative
It was a great activity for kids to explore their artistic side & to feature it on a global platform along with 360tf.

Rouble Nagi, our chief judge of the competition.
We are proud to say that her contribution to the world of art & community is truly commendable. Her connection with people through Art, & bringing a positive change in their mindset is awe-inspiring.
Her untiring efforts on community engagement and education through Art is something all of us at 360tf look up to and we believe that she was the perfect ambassador for our “Year of Hope 2022” art initiative. Her presence in the initiative was highly encouraging to the participated kids and gave them the opportunity to put in their best foot forward for the initiative and for their own lives in the coming years.

Our Co-Judges:
CA Venkatraman Krishnamoorthy- Popularly known as PencilMan
His philanthropic work started with collecting pencils from different parts of the world and then distributing them to various underprivileged kids through India and other countries.

CA Shridhar-
Being a Chartered Accountant by profession his works in pencil art is commendable, he has created pencil art of various great leaders and is always very eager to create more memorable art.

We are delighted to announce that around 331 paintings were received from multiple countries. The winners were honored with cash prizes along with an appreciation certificate and all the participants were presented certificates of participation.