• This partnership will help Ebury and 360tf offer their clients more diverse and best-in-class FX risk management solutions and international trade finance solutions.
  • Clients can access 100+ financial institutions for trade finance facilities and 130+ currencies for foreign exchange.

London and UAE, 20th Sept 2023 – Ebury, a leading global financial solutions provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with 360tf, one of the pioneers of trade finance facilities in the UAE region.

This collaboration will revolutionise how 360tf’s clients access international trade solutions, providing seamless and direct access to Ebury’s FX risk management solutions through their online platform. It will also support Ebury’s mission to empower global businesses with the right tools to transact internationally, offer a more competitive trade finance solution and strengthen its presence in the UAE region.

Ebury started its operations in the UAE in 2018, and since then, has been helping businesses of all sizes gain access to sophisticated FX risk management solutions, competitive FX rates, and open local currency accounts overseas.

As the global financial landscape continues to evolve rapidly, global organisations are seeking more efficient and integrated solutions to navigate the complexities of international trade. By leveraging Ebury’s expertise in international trade, 360tf clients can mitigate currency risk more effectively and access flexible credit lines in multiple currencies to expand their operations.

Commenting on the significance of this strategic alliance, CA Pankaj Mundra, 360tf Co-Founder Chairman says, “We’re excited to announce the news of our partnership with Ebury, a collaboration of significant importance given that foreign exchange (FX) plays a pivotal role in our trade operations. It is also worth noting that FX has become a critical component in cross-border trade due to the realignment of supply chains to other markets post-COVID. The UAE-Africa corridor holds immense strategic value, witnessing robust export and import activities. For over a decade, the 360tf group of companies has dedicated their efforts to supporting East Africa and West Africa. This extensive experience has underscored the critical need for reliable FX solutions, especially for businesses operating in emerging markets. With the introduction of these FX solutions, we have every confidence that our valued customers engaged in trade with Africa and those involved in importing to Europe will reap substantial benefits. They’ll be well-prepared and well-protected, laying the groundwork for even more significant growth and success in the future.

Ebury Managing Director Middle East and Africa, Tom Davies, states, “Collaborating with 360tf enables their clients to experience a more unified international trade journey to thrive in a dynamic world. Now, these clients can utilise our high-impact FX risk management services via their online portal. Ebury prides itself on enhancing user experience and obliterating obstacles in international trade, and this synergy echoes these very principles.”

As 360tf and Ebury cater to the same client base, including importers and exporters, this partnership will enable synergies between both companies and offer their clients more streamlined financial services.

Ebury has serviced 49,000+ clients worldwide since its inception in 2009, whilst 360tf’s 1500+ active and rapidly growing client base rely on its innovative trade finance solutions to seize new global opportunities. The collaboration will help clients access 100+ financial institutions for trade finance facilities and 130+ currencies for foreign exchange.


About Ebury
Ebury is a global fintech specialising in international payments and foreign exchange that develops financial solutions with a focus on small and medium enterprises. Ebury offers services in over 130 currencies in both major and emerging economies, as well as cash management and FX risk management products.
Founded in 2009 in London by the Spanish entrepreneurs Juan Lobato and Salvador García, Ebury has expanded its global operations to a network of 32 offices in 21 countries, with over 1,300+ employees. Last year, Ebury registered a transaction volume of US$21 billion. Ebury has received over 20 international awards, including the Financial Times 1000 Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2020 and the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. All these recognitions position Ebury as one of Europe’s leading companies in financial technology.

About 360tf
360tf, a leading online Trade Finance ecosystem, has transformed the landscape of international trade financing. Serving corporates in 70+ geographies and facilitating transactions exceeding $12 billion in value, 360tf bridges the gap between banks, customers, and Trade Finance intermediaries. Building on decades of strong Trade Finance & banking experience, despite its relatively recent inception in 2021 has made a significant impact in the industry,
As a transformative force in the trade finance landscape, 360tf enhances accessibility, and affordability, and accelerates the availability of trade finance solutions to businesses worldwide. The platform’s innovative approach empowers businesses to expertly navigate working capital challenges, mitigate risks, and optimise cash flow. By accelerating the transformation of trade receivables into immediate liquidity, 360tf fuels operational fluidity and growth ambitions for businesses across industries.