360tf is offering interns the opportunity to join their Fintern Club, a group of high-performing interns who are invited to continue their engagement with the company after their internship has ended. To be eligible for membership in the club, interns must have performed exceptionally well during their internship with the company.


As a member of the Fintern Club, interns would be expected to commit 36 hours per month to working with 360tf. In exchange for this commitment, interns would receive a range of benefits, including:


    • Pre-placement offer/full-time employment: After completing their internship, Fintern Club members would be eligible for a pre-placement offer or a full-time employment opportunity with 360tf.
    • Certificate of Contribution: Each year, Fintern Club members would receive a “Certificate of Contribution” recognizing their contributions to the company. This certificate would be a valuable addition to their CV, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and their experience working with 360tf.
    • Exposure to brainstorming sessions with founders: Fintern Club members would have the opportunity to participate in brainstorming sessions with the founders of 360tf. These sessions would give them insight into the workings of a successful corporate organization and exposure to various trade finance tools.
    • Mentorship for future career development: Each Fintern Club member would be assigned a mentor who would be available to guide them in their future career development. This mentor would be a valuable resource for interns as they transition from their internship to their next professional opportunity.
    • Emotional Intelligence session with People & Culture team: Fintern Club members would have the opportunity to participate in an “Emotional Intelligence” session with the People & Culture Manager at 360tf. This session would help interns develop the skills needed to navigate complex interpersonal relationships in the workplace.
    • Participation in 360tf welfare activities: Finally, Fintern Club members would be able to participate in 360tf’s welfare activities. These activities would give interns the opportunity to contribute to their community and build meaningful connections with their colleagues.


Overall, joining the Fintern Club at 360tf is a great opportunity for high-performing interns to continue their engagement with the company and build valuable skills for their future careers.